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Aquatic Solutions is proud to use the latest technology available in the industry from a premium selection of products including Eco Tech Marine, Reef Octopus, Aqua Illumination, Kessil and many more.  Our professional set ups include complete sump systems installed clean and precisely, using the  most efficient up to date  equipment including heaters, skimmers and pumps. Set the mood of your aquarium with lighting systems you can control from your phone!  With an Aquatic Solutions set up, you can be proud of your aquarium from top to bottom.

About us...

Aquatic Solutions has been providing and maintaining pristine aquarium conditions for our clients for over 10 years. We dedicate ourselves to providing the most up to date information and newest most effective products and techniques for all aquatic environments. We supply our clients with all of their livestock, as well as all chemical media, aquarium supplies and equipment.  We'll handle all of your aquarium needs from start to finish, including installations and tank moves. If you have any interest in the hobby - we welcome all, novice to expert skill levels.

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Routine Maintenance

Our technicians are clean, knowledgable and thorough, adhering to the highest industry standards.  Your service will include a complete water chemistry test as well as equipment checks, repair and replacement.   We'll supply you with the highest quality fish foods, medications, R.O.D.I. water, salt mixes, and premium filtration media available.  




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1118 Lunt Ave. Unit C

Schaumburg, IL 60193

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